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Data Warehouse

Enterprise technology
| Contributor:
Andrew Pham
Information age
Industry 4.0


The term Data Warehouse prefers a larger version of a database, in which the data of an organization is stored for large-scaled reports and analysis. Data warehouse plays, as the name said, a 'warehouse' for storing data, the data warehouse is to serve Business Intelligence (BI) activities, especially analytics in an organization. Different from the database, data in the data warehouse centralizes and consolidates large amounts of data from multiple sources, and the data in it is historical data, barely changed at all and at a huge amount (big data scale). To get stored in a data warehouse, data must go through a series of pre-processing processes, these processes called ETL (Extract - Transform - Load. Data Warehouse serves Business Analysts and Data Scientists to derive information to supports the business decision-making process.


Top 5 data warehouses on the market today - Teradata. Teradata is a market leader in the data warehousing space that brings more than 30 years of history to the table. - Oracle. Oracle is basically the household name in relational databases and data warehousing and has been so for decades. - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloudera

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